Memorial Broadcast

Live streaming
These are links where the Memorial can be seen live. You may have to look for a banner or other notice of the live-stream when accessing the website.

Q13 (FOX)



Northwest Cable News


Memorial Recording
We have a link to a small live stream of the Memorial. This is not the professional one done by the TV stations, just one we did to be able to provide it more quickly.  If you cannot play the link for some reason and need a CD copy, contact Cathy Dowd, Public Affairs Officer with the Okanogan-Wenetchee National Forest.

Link to the video:

Printed Memorial Program
Here is the PDF of the 2 page program for the Memorial - PROGRAM PDF. This is a lower resolution copy for families and others who may be watching from other states.  Those attending the Memorial will be given a better quality, commemorative copy of the Program.

Thank you for your patience.