Badge and Shroud

Shrouding of a badge is accomplished by placing a 1/2” to 3/4” piece of black material horizontally at the badge’s midpoint entirely around the badge. The shroud should be placed on badges at the time of notification of the death and may remain on the badge for a 30-day mourning period.

The purple ribbon can be worn on the uniform, left of the badge. The ribbon can also can also be worn directly over the badge in the center right above the pocket.

Half Staff Flag Protocol

US flags at all Forest Service facilities will remain at half staff from sunset, Thursday, August 27th until sunset on Sunday, August 30, the day of the Memorial. When a flag is at half staff, no other flags should be flown on the same halyard.

Here is the PDF of the Chief's letter regarding the flag protocol. Chief's Letter

Presentation of Arms
As the Honor Guard calls out "Uniformed Personnel Present Arms" at the beginning of the Memorial, the Honor Guard will begin a slow 3 second salute.  Audience members are welcome to join the salute or place their hands over their hearts.