Emergency Service personnel who are planning to be in the procession, should be at the staging area by 10:00 am.  The staging area for the procession will be in the Big Lots parking lot located at 151 Easy Way in Wenatchee, WA. 

Since the USFS and other wildland agencies, as well as local Fire and EMS agencies, have been most affected, the priority order for procession involvement will be: USFS, other federal agencies, DNR,  local Fire and then EMS agencies.  If there is additional space after the priorities listed above have been met, others will be included. Those vehicles that can not be accommodated, should go to the venue: Town Toyota Center. All procession questions should be directed to Procession Coordinator Kevin Garling, 253-677-3647.

Please see the map below of the procession staging area for further information.

If you are with the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, your District FMO has  the information about who will be participating from your district.

Processional Staging 
PDF of Procession Staging Map

Processional Route